The Chapter Achievement Pathway Timeline

The Chapter Achievement Pathway Timeline is the entire process of creating the Chapter Success plan for the chapter and is designed to provide chapter officers with learning focused on serving others, chapter operations, and their role in the creation and execution of the Chapter Success Plan.

The Chapter Achievement Pathway Timeline follows the calendar year and is composed of the Officer Curriculum Roadmaps, – a series of learning events, activities, and tasks to complete and manage the Chapter Success Plan. By participating in the month-by-month learning activities outlined in the Officer Curriculum Roadmaps, chapter officers exercise the skills described in the Competency Model to create the Chapter Success Plan to lead their chapter.

The pathway’s timeline starts in January with the Presidents Academy, followed by the completion of the SWOT analysis in January and February and officers participating in the Chapter Achievement Pathway Track in February at PBLI. Following the track, chapter officers will hold the Executive Committee Retreat in March or April to complete the new Chapter Success Plan by the May deadline. Officers will spend the summer months revising the evaluated plan before sharing it with the chapter at the Chapter Kickoff and attending the Regional Assembly in August or September. Year-round from May to April, officers will receive ongoing support and coaching from fraternity staff and volunteers.

The focus of the pathway is servant leadership which in turn allows participants to focus on member retention, teamwork, conflict resolution, and compromise. This experience will seek to provide participants with an overview of servant leadership and with the necessary tools to create and sustain a chapter success plan which will lead to increased member engagement and retention. Additional education centers on general leadership skills, understanding AKPsi’s structure, risk management, and individual officer role.

Officers and chapter advisors should frequently check the fraternity calendar for due dates and deadlines, and download their corresponding curriculum roadmap below.