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A Certified Fraternity Volunteer (CFV) is an Alpha Kappa Psi volunteer that has successfully mastered the topics around good volunteer resource management. The purpose of this program is to identify those who possess the essential knowledge of Alpha Kappa Psi’s operations, ideals and values. Through the CFV program, volunteer principles are elevated while enhancing volunteer development and performance. Any volunteer can receive the designation of being a Certified Fraternity Volunteer by completing four easy steps.

Become a QFV

Prepare for the CFV Exam

Take the CFV Exam

Receive CFV Benefits

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Become a Qualified Fraternity Volunteer (QFV)

Within 60 days of being appointed to a position, volunteers are asked to pass the open-book Qualified Fraternity Volunteer Exam. The exam contains 15 questions related to the following baseline knowledge of basic chapter and fraternity operations.

Operational Documents

Prepare for the Certified Fraternity Volunteer Exam

In order to prepare for the CFV Exam, Qualified Fraternity Volunteers are encouraged to read and review the following resources. The open-book CFV Exam will be an online multiple choice, true/false and multiple answer exam.

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Take the Certified Fraternity Volunteer Exam

In order to take the CFV exam, a volunteer must first become a Qualified Fraternity Volunteer (refer to step 1). Upon completion of this exam, a link to the CFV application will be provided. The CFV exam covers the following:

Domain I

Fraternity Structure

  • Governing Documents
  • Core Values
  • Terms
  • Deadlines
  • Governing Bodies

Domain II

Chapter Health

  • Document Interpretation
  • Resource Assistance
  • Problem Identification

Domain III

Volunteer Structure

  • Chain of Command
  • Role Responsibilities
  • Role, Risk and Liability
  • Role Obtainment

Domain IV


  • Conflict Resolution
  • Intervention

Domain V

Best Practices

  • Policy Interpretation
  • Road to Brotherhood Use

CFV Renewal

Every three years volunteers must retake the CFV Exam to keep their certification. To renew your CFV, please complete the application to receive the link for the exam.

Receive benefits as a Certified Fraternity Volunteer

  • A special “Certified Fraternity Volunteer” ribbon at the Principled Business Leadership Institute and Convention
  • Fulfillment of a requirement to be considered a trained volunteer
  • Recognition in The Diary of Alpha Kappa Psi
  • A recognition item for your personal display

2015-16 QFVs and CFVs

Brianna J. Anderson CFV, Western Washington ’09
Neltonia Atkinson QFV, East Carolina ’08
Stephan Tyler Austria QFV, James Madison ’08-Life
Cherodie M. Ayers-Cannon QFV, Southern Mississippi ’09
Jane A. Azzinaro CFV, Maryland ’10-Life
Alex N. Barenblitt QFV, Penn State ’76-Life
Suresh L. Bhagchandani QFV, North Carolina – Chapel Hill ’07-Life
Calista C. Bollier QFV, Louisiana State ’11
Vashon H. Broadnax QFV, Western Kentucky ’05
Brittney M. Brown QFV, Toledo ’11-Life
Franciel S. Brown QFV, Southern Mississippi ’12
Justin M. Brown QFV, Central Washington ’08
Briana Caple QFV, East Carolina ’12
Frank T. Carra CFV, Delaware ’10
Gerard T. Chadwick QFV, Dayton ’77
Allen D. Chiu QFV, Bentley ’11
Nikolay R. Clark QFV, Geneseo ’10
Hervie F. Clemons QFV, Tennessee Tech ’09
Jill Collins QFV, Nevada ’09-Life
Carl Corns CFV, Northern Colorado ’05-Life
Leslie A. Delgado QFV, Florida International ’08
Micheal E. Dickson QFV, Central Washington ’02-Life
Christopher R. Dieck QFV, Cornell ’03
Jacob S. Drees CFV, Toledo ’11-Life
Michael S. Driscoll QFV, Clarkson ’07
Sean T. Durkin CFV, Seattle ’07
Cole J. Engel CFV, Fort Hays State ’09
Jacob W. England QFV, Lipscomb ’07
Myca F. Ferrer CFV, American ’06
Eric R. Fletcher CFV, Middle Tennessee ’04
Brittany L. Folds QFV, Western Carolina ’06
Michael T. Ford CFV, Connecticut ’10-Life
Robert G. Francis CFV, Virginia Tech ’09
Jeffrey E. Frank CFV, Eastern Michigan ’86-Life
Jenille A. Frans QFV, Montclair State ’06
James A. Fuller QFV, Clemson ’08-Life
Jacqueline M. Ginarte QFV, Florida International ’04
Lea S. Goodwin CFV, Louisiana State ’99-Life
David B. Greenberg CFV, Connecticut ’11
Alexa Grueiro QFV, Montclair State ’99
Jasmine N. Hall CFV, Tennessee Tech ’11
Daniel A. Hanley CFV, Connecticut ’10-Life
Chelsea E. Hardy CFV, Denver ’10
Cherie A. Harshman QFV, Illinois – Chicago ’08-Life
Photina A. Haumschilt QFV, Idaho State ’13-Life
Luke Hayden QFV, Portland State ’13
Bryce V. Holmes QFV, Tennessee – Martin ’12
Adam R. House QFV, Southern Indiana ’07-Life
Micoya G. Hutchins CFV, Detroit (Day Division) ’87-Life
Holly L. Hyatt CFV, Louisiana State ’07-Life
Mia R. Isaacson CFV, Oregon State ’08
Samantha M. Joe QFV, British Columbia ’09
Linwood A. Jones CFV, South Carolina State ’07-Life
George A. Kanattu QFV, Drexel ’08-Life
Shannon M. Keane CFV, Elon ’05-Life
Jessica M. Kerns QFV, Wisconsin – Milwaukee ’05-Life
Matthew D. Kilpatrick QFV, Austin Peay ’08
Ryan P. Ko QFV, Calgary ’07
Ashley M. Kowal CFV, Hofstra ’08
Mallory L. Kumm QFV, Minnesota ’08
Scott Laird CFV, Nevada – Las Vegas ’00
Stephanie Letkowski QFV, Connecticut ’10
Kimberly Y. Lewis QFV, Nova Southeastern ’08
Caitlin E. Lindenhovius QFV, Buffalo ’12-Life
Obed A. Louis QFV, Florida Atlantic ’10
Lindsey Lu-Pon QFV, California – Merced ’09-Life
Joshua S. Machtinger QFV, Binghamton ’07
Daesha S. Maclin QFV, Middle Tennessee ’10
Hernan M. Mayol QFV, Miami ’91
Javier A. McCoy QFV, West Virginia State ’12
Larry L. Miller QFV, Southern Mississippi ’06
David J. Murphy-Longhini CFV, Buffalo ’10
Bruce T. Orvis QFV, Slippery Rock ’01
Jesse R. Peterson QFV, Virginia ’12
Casey R. Picha CFV, Eastern Washington ’11
Jaclyn M. Plock CFV, Toledo ’01
Kaitlyn Profeta QFV, Connecticut ’10
Tonjie R. Reese CFV, Grand Valley State ’10
Andrew E. Rigenhagen QFV, Idaho State ’12
Heather D. Robinette CFV, Kansas State ’09-Life
Marion C. Robinson QFV, South Carolina State ’80-Life
Karen D. Ross QFV, Toledo ’97-Life
Kourtney J. Royster QFV, Clemson ’12-Life
Michelle L. Rucker QFV, Oregon State ’08
Brooke L. Saul QFV, Central Washington ’06-Life
Maria L. Schell QFV, Oregon ’04
Michael J. Schmidt QFV, Chapman ’01-Life
Nicholas C. Schrager CFV, Buffalo ’13-Life
Russel Schweikert QFV, Southern Oregon ’12
Daniel J. Seghers CFV, Louisiana State ’10
Kolby Shibata-Goodman QFV, San Diego State ’08
Joshua Silberman QFV, American ’04
Chad E. Smith QFV, Montclair State ’93
Felicia Smith QFV, Eastern Washington ’12-Life
Stephen E. Smith QFV, Florida ’86-Life
Crystal L. Stewart QFV, Marshall ’96-Life
Alexander T. Sultan QFV, San Diego State ’93-Life
Caitlin A. Taylor QFV, Connecticut ’11
Laura A. Thein CFV, Drake ’07
Erik C. Thomas QFV, Western Kentucky ’07-Life
Caleb R. Truitt QFV, North Carolina – Charlotte ’02
Jamar L. Turner QFV, North Carolina State ’08
Stephanie A. Van Dellen QFV, Oregon ’08-Life
Jennifer S. Velasquez QFV, North Carolina – Charlotte ’11-Life
Shane M. Wakerling CFV, Cal Poly-SLO ’06
Jason D. Weinstein CFV, McGill ’03-Life
Lynae Williams QFV, Oregon ’06
Ashley K. Wilson QFV, Florida Atlantic ’12-Life
Ashley Wolff CFV, Oregon State ’10
Crystal J. Wong QFV, Buffalo ’14-Life
Rachel N. Wong QFV, Calgary ’05
Nicholas Wortman CFV, Ohio University ’01
Jonathan Yang QFV, California State – San Marcos ’11-Life
Elizaveta Zhmurkin QFV, Shippensburg ’10-Life
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