Strategic Advisory Councils

Influence Programming for the Entire Fraternity.

The Strategic Advisory Councils serve the need to increase transparency and foster well-rounded decision making within the fraternity. The Councils are made up of three groups: Student Advisory Council, Alumni Advisory Council, and Volunteer Advisory Council. Each council communicates their thoughts and ideas directly to the Management Team which allows council members to have direct input on fraternity initiatives to members within the highest level of the fraternity volunteer structure. The low-time commitment, segmented councils, and direct influence of fraternity initiatives will make the SACs appealing to our target audiences because each group has commitments outside of fraternity matters, they value opportunities to connect with peers or upper fraternity management, and they are eager to share ideas which intend to further the vision of the fraternity.

Give Feedback

Have a formal mechanism to obtain consistent feedback from each audience within the fraternity on programming that affects them by intentionally seeking constructive feedback from a diverse group within each audience.

Have a Voice

To enable representatives of each audience to have a voice in developing initiatives at the fraternity level through peer to peer influence and direct contact with decision makers within the fraternity.

Make a Difference

To serve as a checks and balances for fraternity initiatives before they are ready for the debut to the fraternity by providing prompt, transparent, and easy to understand information at each meeting that informs the group on the initiative being developed and encourages the group to give constructive feedback.

Alumni Advisory Council Members

James Hong, James Madison, ‘11
Paul Brimmeier, Lock Haven University, ‘05
Stuart Pitts, University of Washington, ‘11
Jack Rogers, California State University, Fresno, ‘04
Kyle Hagerty, Lock Haven University, ‘11
Shaheena Janmohammad, Virginia Commonwealth University, ‘16
Rikesh Amin, University of Florida, ‘07
Holly Galluccio, Washington State University, ‘00
Carina Salvadori, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, ‘01
Laine Arnold, Louisiana State University, ‘14
De’Sean Keys, MTSU, ‘13
Charlotte Dicharry, Portland State University, ’14 – Life
John Robinson, University of Tennesee, ‘14
Anja Bandulj, Gannon University, ‘10
Adam Boyce, Lock Haven University, ‘99

Student Advisory Council Members

Rachael Glackin, University of Richmond ’16
Ayahna Argon, Howard University ’17
Dylan Fassari, University of San Diego ’16
Kavita (Kavi) Galal, University of Pittsburgh ’15
Elizabeth (Liz) Sadrakula, University of Rochester ’17
Mary Cate DeLuca, Connecticut ’15
Julianna McClellan, Texas Lutheran University ’16 – Life
Cassidy Krahn, Washington State University ’15
Matt McElreath, Oregon State ’18
Katy Estes, University of Kentucky ’15
Peyton Garman, Austin Peay ’17
Jordan Prechac, Louisiana State University ’16 – Life
Justin Wisnicki, Tulane University ’16
Michelle Nguyen, University of North Dakota ’17
Morgan Cloud, Wyoming ’16
Allison Hess, Miami University ’15
Brendan Tierney, University of Dayton ’15

Volunteer Advisory Council Members

Andrew Walker, UNC Charlotte ’13 – Life
Elise Rudy, South Carolina ’12
John Ronan, Arizona ’09
Julie Schmatz, Penn State ’07
Heather Robinette, Kansas State ’09 – Life
Kim Lewis, South Florida ’12
Joshua Machtinger, Binghamton ‘ 07
Diana Correia, Syracuse ’14
JD Subia, San Antonio ’13
Scott Todd, Central Washington ’02
Briana Alvoid-Preston, Stetson ’13 – Life
Jake Chapman, Loyola New Orleans ’12 – Life
Jacob Drees, Toledo ’11 – Life
Victoria Byerley, Missouri Western State ’12
Photina Haumschilt, Idaho State ’13 – Life
Victoria Gonzalez, University of Miami ’12
Cleavon Joseph, Drexel ’09 – Life
Egbar Ozenkoski, Southeast Missouri State ’09 – Life
David Greenberg, Connecticut ’11
David Schmatz, Penn State ’06
Jared Ell, Southern Indiana ’08 – Life
Craig Fain, Virginia Tech ’00
Andrew Gallant, Manchester ’09
Jean-Francois Lappas, McGill ’03

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