Leadership, Education, and Development (LEAD) is Alpha Kappa Psi’s new pilot pledge education program. It is designed as a standardized approach to pledge education to ensure all incoming members learn consistent fraternity history and expectations, while still providing chapters the opportunity to tailor the experience to their chapter and university. During the program, pledges build an awareness and appreciation for the history, values, and vision of Alpha Kappa Psi and are introduced to the key skills and practices needed to be successful in the workplace.

LEAD Facilitator Guide

A comprehensive guide of lesson plans, activity instructions, and helpful hints for LEAD facilitators to deliver a powerful pledge program.

Additional Activities

Chapters can tailor the program with select personal and professional development activities to enhance the program and focus on chapter-specific objectives.


Contact the lead@akpsi.org with questions about the LEAD Program.

LEAD Participant Manual Cover-page-001

LEAD Program Objectives

By the end of the LEAD Program, pledges will be able to:

Build a fraternal network

Construct a path for approaching difficult situations

Define principled business leadership

Describe AKPsi’s Key Practices

Describe the expectations of being an Alpha Kappa Psi member

Describe what it means to be a values-based membership organization

Explore a comprehensive set of professional and leadership skills

Explore the fraternity history, structure, and policies

Identify lifelong commitments

Practice a commitment to servant leadership and personal accountability

Reflect on the purpose of Alpha Kappa Psi

Summarize professional skills and tools on a résumé, portfolio, and in interviews

Translate chapter, personal, and professional experiences into the leadership development process

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