February- March

Multiple Locations

Atlanta · Chicago · Philadelphia · Bay Area


Attendees must be a collegiate chapter/colony core officer who is also registered for the Leadership Pathway. There is no team size limit.


There are no registration costs.
Participants must be registered for the PBLI.


Registration deadlines are based on PBLI location
Click on each location’s page for specific dates

About Case Competition

Case Competition is designed to provide participants an opportunity to identify a social issue, create a business plan, consult with an expert in the field, and impact their community.

Alpha Kappa Psi is using the United Nations’ Transforming our World: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development as our framework for this competition. Teams will choose one of the seventeen goals described to identify their social issue. From there, teams will create and submit an up to 5-minute video on their issue along with a business plan executive summary. These items will be vetted by experts in the field to identify which teams will move forward to round two.

Round two will consist of delivering the team’s sustainable startup business plan as a part of the Case Competition at PBLI. The onsite presentation will be to a panel of reviewers as well as audience members who are interested in your startup providing you the opportunity to identify resources and meet and recruit individuals who may want to join your startup team.

Winning teams will receive a monetary award to be used to progress their business plan.








San Francisco

Bay Area

Additional Information

What are the registration rates and deadlines?

Rates and deadlines vary by location – refer to each location’s additional info page:

What is the dress code?

Business Professional (no jeans, t-shirts, tennis shoes, caps or hats).

What are the rules and regulations?

Refer to the Case Competition’s complete rules and regulations guide.

How do I submit the business plan and video?

To submit the business plan executive summary and video using this form.

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