Chapter Achievement Model

The Chapter Achievement Model serves the need to accurately and consistently measure the success of each collegiate chapter. Three components are included in the Chapter Achievement Model: Chapter Success Plan, Business Engagement Roadmap, and Community Engagement Roadmap. There are two objectives of this program:

Objective 1

To provide relevant resources for collegiate chapters that are
easy to find, use, and understand.

Objective 2

To simplify and standardize the assessment of collegiate chapters through
qualitative and quantitative data-driven assessment.

The Chapter Success Plan

Student officers will use this tool to plan their chapter’s programs, events, and activities. The Chapter Success Plan is due May 15 each year. The Chapter Success Plan Reflection is due May 1 for semester schools and June 1 for quarter schools each year. Both the Chapter Success Plan and the Reflection can be accessed via SmarterSelect. You can find your chapter’s login and password in HQ Docs.

The Engagement Roadmaps

To acknowledge successful chapter offerings and share them with other chapters who are looking to improve, the Chapter Achievement Model includes two types of Engagement Roadmaps: Business and Community.

Business Engagement Roadmap

Submit a Business Engagement Roadmap for a chapter offering you feel is capable of developing brothers’ professional skills across the globe.

Community Engagement Roadmap

Submit a Community Engagement Roadmap for chapter offerings that bring our core value of service to life for all brothers.