Collegiate Minimum Standards

These are the minimum expectations set forth by the board of directors to remain in good standing. This is to ensure the chapter has the basic operations necessary for sustainability.

Meet regional director assigned
year-end chapter size

Have a current
balance on June 30

Additionally, the chapter’s balance on December 31 must not be more than 60-days past due

Collegiate chapters must meet all of the following minimum standards each year:

When a collegiate chapter does not complete all minimum standards by June 30, it is subject to being placed on show cause.
More information on the show cause process can be found on the AKPsi YouTube channel.

The Chapter must adhere to the official Pledge Education Program approved by the Board of Directors

Chapters must submit their Chapter Success Plan for regional director approval

At least four officers must attend Officer Training held in conjunction with PBLI

At least one delegate and alternate delegate attend Convention (Convention years only)

Use these operational resources to help you and your chapter.